ISO27001 Ninja


The professional career of the ISO27001 Ninja

Early Career

In 1996 after graduating with a degree in Software Engineering the ISO27001 Ninja started his career as a software developer for a UK ladies lingerie supplier to Marks and Spencer. Working in ladies underwear on factory and warehouse systems was an eye opening experience.

The ISO27001 Ninja then joined Airmiles, a British Airways company which to this day he counts as the best job he has ever had and the best company to work for. As a junior software engineer that progressed through the ranks.

With a life change that meant a relocation it was in 1999 that the ISO27001 Ninja started with what was at the time, the worlds largest company, General Electric (GE) where he would stay for over a decade developing many of the entrepreneurial skills he has to this day.

In 2010 as the global economy shifted, redundancy became a reality and a frightening and scary opportunity presented itself. With a significant redundancy payment he could either take another worker bee job in another corporate or take a swing for the fences and start his own company doing what he was passionate about. He decided to start his company and in 2010, Agenci was born.

For the next 8 years the ISO27001 Ninja built the Agenci from the ground up into a leading information security company that drew the attention of an acquisitive private equity company that led in 2018 to it’s sale and acquisition.

After the sale of Agenci, and some time to relax and enjoy the rewards to the sale, the ISO27001 Ninja took stock and realised there was a massive gap in the market. Starting his ISO 27001 YouTube Channel giving away knowledge for free, it was to time to fk sh1t up, and so, he started High Table …

High Table Global

The ISO27001 Ninja had every Information Security Certification, over two decades of experience, had audited hundreds of companies and been audited hundreds of times. He had built and ran a cyber security company and he knew how to make a lot of money doing it. He knew all the tips, tricks and secrets. So now was the time to give that knowledge away for free and give people the tools that he had used successfully getting companies of all sizes, across the globe, ISO27001 certified. Teaching and empowering consultants to consult and more importantly putting ISO27001 in the reach of small business that, to put it frankly, had been financially exploited and excluded through out of date practices and closed shop pricing models.